“I want to be in the story, Mommy” – My Messy Beautiful

I want to be in the story

March 27, Palm Sunday 1994, Kelly Clem, then pastor of Goshen United Methodist Church in Piedmont, Alabama, sat with her 4 year old daughter Hannah watching the older children of the church rehearse for a Palm Sunday play.  Hannah turned to her mom and said, "I want to be in the story, … [Continue reading]

80lbs Lost!

80 Lb Pic

I wanted to take this 80 pound picture holding my kids, Jack and Ellie. Their combined weight is 80 pounds. Unreal (and backbreaking!) that I was carrying this "load" around everyday!! Excuse me while I go ice my back! Seriously!! … [Continue reading]

Goodbye, Old Friends

Today was a day filled with mixed emotions for me. I said "goodbye" to some very old, dear friends and "hello" to some older friends, ready and … [Continue reading]


In September of 2010, I topped the scale at almost 400 pounds. My "low point" was sitting in my doctor's office, and having him say, "It's an absolute … [Continue reading]

Toxic Waste

A lot of what is written around weight loss is written about“clean eating,” exercising and living well.  And to be sure, those things are … [Continue reading]

#1 Weight Lost Tip

Before and After

I have lost over 200 pounds in 2 years, and the NUMBER ONE question I get from everyone who is aware of my transformation is, “How did you do … [Continue reading]